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Friday, September 22, 2017

New Fresh Start for KISJ Tennis Team 2017-18

By Anna J

On the first day of September, all the tennis players of KISJ gathered in the MS tennis court for tryouts. Coach Hannah Greaves and coach Steve Limkeman who have been coaching the tennis team for years were there to see the students’ potential in tennis and determine who will join the tennis team this year. Now, the new talented members have been selected and KISJ tennis team is looking forward to have a fresh start of season 1 with the new group of players and coaches.

This season, KISJ tennis team has encountered lots of positive changes. Mr. Hendri Otto newly joined KISJ tennis team as a coach. His experience and love for the game served as motivation to join the team. So far, he is enjoying being part of the team, though he is still in the process of getting to know the players. He is also passionate about his goal as a tennis coach this year, which is to increase his knowledge on coaching techniques and improve players' performances. He is looking forward to teach useful skills step-by-step to KISJ tennis players, hoping that his players can reflect improvement at the upcoming matches. Coach Otto is especially excited about the fact that he can continue his long tennis career, which he started at age 6. Since he had rich experience in playing elementary, middle and high school competitions, it is expected that he can apply his experience to coaching KISJ tennis players better than anyone else.

Another change to KISJ tennis team is that the coaches decided to choose captains for each boys team and girls team. This surprised the majority of the team because there were only male captains throughout the recent years. Traditionally, seniors have been selected as captains for the recent years; the tradition is continuing this year as well. Mike K (Gr.12) is chosen as the new captain for boys team and Amy L(Gr.12) is chosen as the new captain of girls team. “I feel honored to lead the team this year,” said Amy L(Gr.12) The team expects that both captains can lead and encourage the team with strong GRIT.

The start of the season seemed great as new freshmen players brought positive vibrant energy to the team. On the first day of the practice, returning players were surprised to see new players playing so well. Because the team gained strong players, its members are expecting to win various tournaments and achieve great results. However, as players are aware of that there is nothing that can be gained without hard effort, they are simultaneously establishing resolution for their goals. Not only the players but also the coaches are looking forward to see improvements this year. Coach Greaves said, “I am really excited about the season because the new energetic players joined our team. I am also expecting to see returning players challenging further to step up in their games.”

On the 26th of September, KISJ tennis team will have the first official game of this season at BHA. Although the game is restricted to female players, male players will go together to BHA and cheer for their teammates. In order to thoroughly prepare in advance, the returning players and new players together are recalling basic skills, practicing forehand & backhand. So far, they are spending a practice time productively, getting to know each other better. The coaches deliberately asked players to mix partners in order to match them with the ones whom they have never been partner for double. In this way, the players is able to find their own partners who are best-fit for them. Currently, the Coaches are planning to give lesson on how to serve overhead and how to hit volley.

However, it is not only important to learn through practice, but it is also important to learn through visuals. Coaches are preparing to show international matches to the students when the practice is not available due to rain. They believe that the players will improve their skills through observation. Coach Otto says, “I used to learn from watching international tennis matches and observing how the world's best tennis players play in the games.” As many activities and lessons are prepared thoroughly by coaches and many positive changes has occurred in the team, KISJ tennis team is looking forward to earn the best result this season. Indeed, it would be worthwhile to come and cheer up for the KISJ Tennis team!

Taken by Alison H (Gr.12)

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October 24


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