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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

AP Calculus BC

Big Ideas: The derivative has multiple interpretations including those that involve instantaneous rates of change. A function’s derivative can be used to understand the behavior of a function.

Topics Studied

1. Derivative Applications
(a) Extrema of a function

(b) Mean Value Theorem
(c) First and Second Derivative Tests for Extrema
(c) Relationship between the function, the first derivative and second derivative
(d) Optimization Problems

Textbook Chapters: 5

Assignments (Formative Assessments)
1.The Construction Engineer - determine the minimum cost of constructing a pipeline using a mathematical model.
2. The Grocery Shopper - determine the optimum dimensions of a packaged food product.

A unit test (summative assessment) on Applications of Derivatives is tentatively planned for the last week of October

Mr Baker

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