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Monday, October 30, 2017

New changes in Volleyball team waiting for newcomers!

By Joel Shin (G. 10)
KISJ Girl's Volleyball Team
Volleyball is a sports that has been existing for a long time in KIS, almost from the initial point when KIS was built, thus it's very popular among students. Volleyball is divided into two proportion, which are boys volleyball team and girls volleyball team by its gender and there are various contests and tournaments every year. Since volleyball team has been existing for a while and it's well known, there are no huge changes made to it, but still there are some recent  updates and events that are happening new this year.

First of all, there are new schedules for both girls and boys volleyball team. Boys volleyball is held on Tuesday/Thursday from 4:30 to 6:20, but sometimes there are additional practice on Friday to revise or improve on their vulnerable or weak points. For girls volleyball, it is held on Monday/Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:20 same with boys team, but for girls they have work outs on every Tuesday to become physically stronger to improve in their ability for smashing, setting, etc…

Moreover, there are brand new competitions schedule that are held on various places for both girls and boys volleyball team to compete with other schools. For girls, on September, they have 2 tournaments against BHA(19th, 26th). On October, they have Jeju invitational tournaments(13th,14th) for two days and several other tournaments with BHA on both October and November and competition called JAC on 28th in Seoul. For boys either, they have various tournaments scheduled. On September, unlike girls they don’t have much competitions, but on August 14th, they have KIS invitational Volleyball Tournament and on 20th and 21th, they have Chadwick and ASIA volleyball invitational tournaments. Basically for both girls and boys volleyball team, they have totally different tournament schedules compared to last year.

To sum up, there are not too big, but few minor updates that are made new this year for volleyball team, thus both girls and boys volleyball team are trying to be use to it and follow them. In addition, volleyball is a season 1 sports, which starts early at the beginning of the year, thus in order to join them students should plan ahead and sign up for it early in the year by using signup form that will be sent from the volleyball coaches or principals with Gmail.

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