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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Swim practice, chances have begun

High school swim team practice in the KISJ High school pool.
Photo by Avery Kim.
By Avery Kim (G.10)

Each year showing good advances, KIS swim team have improved with lots of athletes. Again, this year swim team have begun their practice to become the best of swim teams. They have planned swim practice right after a week after school started.

Swim practice is happening in KIS swimming pool. Every athlete must participate in every practice which involves stretches, dryland and swimming. The practice takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. Usually, Tuesdays have both dryland, and swimming, and Wednesdays with Thursdays there is swimming practice. Far distances being swum, lots of athletes are challenging themselves practicing for several events such as Invitational Competition at Morrison Academy in Taiwan and Global Education City (GEC) competition with BHA and NLCS. 

Since these events are coming late for them, students are not under great pressure. They could practice swimming with more confidence and passion.

For season goals, Student Sung K (G10) commented that “I just want to try my best so that I can be comfortable whenever I swim.” He has answered several questions with confidence. Since, It is first time for him to join swim team, he had some difficulties participating swim practices. He has gave advice for new swimmer like him: “Swimming is such a hard sport. You would need to finish tasks that you may not have imagined before! However, you would get used to it soon and find yourself enjoying the team as you get along with the teammates and coaches.” 

Also, commenting on his coaches, he has said “they would be strict if we do not work hard. Still, most of the times, they are very encouraging, the coaches are the ones who make me happy and train harder.” He have said swimming practices are challenging, at the same time improvement are happening so it’s worthwhile.

A lot like Sung K. (G.10), swimmers are becoming comfortable with coaches and teammates through swimming practice. Learning new tips and being new athlete in swim team, lots of them are interested and passion at the same time. Also, they feel proud to swim with my kind and supportive teammates and coaches. Seems to be hard managing their time after school too, after all, it could be the chance for them to practice for it too. 

Shortening their task everyday, they also improve tasks by practice every day. Each sport have interest on by competing for each other at the team. Sung Kim (G.10), have commented on competing for each other by “We do not always compete with each other, but sometimes we would compare how much it takes to complete our task. Although we would feel discouraged if we were slower than others, we become happy afterward when we get motivated to practice harder and harder.”

“Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave” said Mary Tyler Moore. Swimming practices and time management in both time would be tough. It’s sure there's lots of homework and pain are waiting after swimming practices. However, like said in the quote chances are made by practice and mistake. Earning those skills in swim team and time manage skills would be worth it. Swimming practice have begun, In the same time it’s a daily chances where make people tougher. Be brave enough to take does chances and learn new skills.

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