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Monday, October 30, 2017

A most enjoyable morning ...

By Gisele Kim (G.9)
The First Golden Dragons for 2017-2018 (L-R): 
Jewoo Han (G.12), Jason Tark (G.11), Hagji Yi (G.10), Spencer Kim (G.9)
Photograph by: Michelle Cave
On September 13th, 2017, the high school Student Council (StuCo) had their first official assembly in HS PAC during morning advisory time. It was a very successful start to the year, with the whole school enjoying it!

Few weeks ago, on Assembly Wednesday, StuCo had their own first official assembly all the components necessary. In the assembly, StuCo focused on topics such as the Adventure Korea, DragonStars, and their video of drama. Even though there are a technical difficulties within the assembly, StuCo made it through with other solutions.
StuCo prepared a greeting video for the opening, but because of the technical difficulties, they sort out to physically by grade representatives coming up the stage. After that, most of the assembly went fluently. Representatives of each grade prepared a slide, informed their grade about their Adventure Trip. After introducing the Adventure Korea was done, Mr. Wilkins came up the stage to talk about the Golden Dragons.

To paraphrase his speech, Golden Dragons are top-students who’ve worked hard for that month from each grade. In order to choose the Golden Dragons, teachers meet together to sort out the candidates, then a survey is sent out to the grade which students can choose the Golden Dragons that they think. For this month’s Golden Dragons, they are Spencer Kim (Freshman), Hagje Yi (Sophomore), Jason Tark (Junior), and Jewoo Han (Senior). Huge round of applause and congratulation to the 4 students! Nice work!

The highlight was the video of drama. The video that they have created should’ve been in the opening as an icebreaker and to promote Student Council, but because of the technical difficulties, it delayed to the last part of the assembly which didn’t really confuse the students. Because the representatives of StuCo explained the situation, kept calm, it flew smoothly.  In the drama, StuCo did a parody of SNL Korea and Fight my way which made everyone to become energetic on Wednesday morning and to start the day with fightings! During the 10 minutes of video, all students from grade 9 to 12 and the faculties also enjoyed it with lot of laughters and smiles. The whole video of this assemblies video focused on friends and support within the KISJ community. Not only the classmates can become a support but furthermore, students from higher grade or lower grade can help sorting out things.

According to Olivia Jang who is one of the grade 9 representative of Student Council said that video will be included in the most of assemblies as the students really enjoyed it! In order to be more accurate, I interviewed some of the students and teachers. Mrs. Asad who is grade 9 English and film & literature said, “I thought the first official Student Council meeting was fabulous! First, I loved how student-run it was; the student officers demonstrated serious amounts of responsibility by putting together their presentation. Adults couldn't have done a better job, even though they had technical difficulties (technical difficulties happen to EVERYONE). I also loved the sense of humor! Each pair of student officers was enthusiastic and inspired a tone of fun from the audience. I wasn't sure about the video sketches. While I thought those were fun, too, they seemed to drag too long. I didn't know the point after a while. Each sketch was connected with the same theme (to cheer up Michelle) but I think they could have made the point in half the time. Still, it was funny! I loved the impromptu commercials to sell the chicken (?). I wasn't sure, since I couldn't speak Korean - and neither do several other students here in the high school. Perhaps English subtitles next time, so everyone can understand the jokes? All in all, everyone left smiling, so that's how you know it was successful. Like I said, they did a fabulous job!” Opinions of students were similar. According to Serena Jeon from grade 9,  she said that “The video at the last was very interesting. I hope there will be more videos like that in the future. Overall, I liked the StuCo assembly. I don't really have things to talk about it.” Also, another grade 9 student, Megan Jung said, “It seemed like just a comedy, but it had a meaningful message behind it. The actor and actresses’ acting was very high quality and looked very comfortable. It was perfect! Just keep on doing it that way!”
As a conclusion, the first official student or representative led assembly in September 13th of 2017 was successful with both students and faculty members enjoying. Even though there were lot of difficulties during the assembly, StuCo members managed it and went through. Furthermore this year, there will be more assemblies by the Student Council, so DRAGONS look forward for more interesting morning assemblies!

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