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Thursday, October 26, 2017

What Makes KISJ Special?

This September, the students of KISJ's first ever high school Yearbook class collaborated to make a school promotional video. They practiced their interviewing and filming skills by seeking out school staff and students. The initial question they asked was roughly the same: "What Makes KIS Special?" However, the variety of answers they received made it difficult to choose just a few to include in this video.

Sometimes student projects are taped to classroom walls or posted online, but in this case, yearbook students were excited to participate in making something that would represent the school and reach a wide audience of people: the video may be used on the school website, at teacher recruitment fairs, or at admissions presentations.

This project is one small step in learning how to capture footage for the video yearbook - a lengthy video production that documents the major events of the school year with faces, images, and episodes that will make the memories last forever. The next video yearbook will be published in May of 2018.

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