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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

STT took first step for the journey.

By Ryan Kim (G. 11)
Photograph by Ryan Kim

Students Teach Teachers (STT) began its first official activity on October 11th with sixteen faculty members eager to learn Korean. The STT is a 
branch of the Students Teach Students (STS) club that has been operating in the high school for three years. 

With sixteen teachers from across the elementary, middle and high schools, the STT students began their first session from 4:20 until 5:00. Faculty members were divided into two groups, beginner level and advanced level, based on their current Korean language skills. All the STT students were engaged in teaching and the faculty members were actively participating in the learning process. 

All the teachers and students gathered in Ms.Lo’s classroom on the 4th floor. There were six students teaching Korean, with each being designated a table. At each of the tables, three or four faculty were waiting for their Korean teacher. 

Students put their efforts into teaching the Korean alphabet, which is fundamental for reading and writing. Since Korean is composed of 19 consonants and 21 vowels, faculty members at the beginner level began to lose interest when they were introduced to new characters of the alphabet. However, these new students tried their best to liven up the mood of the class, creating a great first impression of Korean class. 

The efforts of the students soon bore fruit. All the teachers did not give up learning but worked hard to memorize how to read the alphabet and pronounce the sounds. “I was really embarrassed when the teachers expressed that Korean is too hard to learn with the inflamed tone and at that moment I did not know what to do but I knew that if I try hard, they will follow the class,” said Charming O. (G.10). 

On the other hand, the class for advanced level students were well conducted. This class’s purpose was to improve the speaking of advance students. There were many meaningful and exciting conversations. During these conversations, the STT students reviewed their grammar errors or the utilization of words in sentences.

After forthy minutes of class, the faculty members were given homework based on what they learned in the class. All students celebrated their successful achievement of their first official activity. 

Not only the successful start up, but also good news buoyed the students. It was news from Mr. Wilkins, in which he announced that the STT students would acquire 30 minutes of school volunteer work time for every lesson they taught. It was decided that the club would divide its members into two groups. Group one would be teaching in the first semester and group two would be teaching in the second semester. 

To continue their success, students will make new learning materials for faculty members to use. This will help them to enjoy learning Korean much more. “The key of our club’s success lies in how faculty members enjoy learning Korean,” said Jinny J. (G.12).

The first official activity for STT finished with satisfied students and teachers. The club will make more progress as they continue with their activity.

STT’s ultimate goal is to provide opportunities for faculty members to adopt Korean culture. This will be achieved soon if they keep up this pace. The future of STT club is bright now.

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