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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dragons Descant: December 4, 2017

What a fantastic weekend we had!  Can't complain when its December and we're still hanging outside comfortably.

Not tons of news out there today. But please focus on what's important (see the finals schedule link below). In fact, finals are technically more important at KISJ now than they ever have been.  Yes, they are a full 10% more important to your grade. That means finals are a very important 20% of your final semester grade. Also, make sure you pay extra super special attention to the academic honesty policy before the exams and know the risk your taking if you're thinking about breaking the rules.

From Ms. Cave:
On Saturday at BHA, the KISAC South swim meet was held. Due to the SAT, the HS swim team was considerably smaller than usual with only nine swimmers. Despite this, they all gave 100% and their commitment was rewarded with the boys winning first place (by three points which was one relay race), and the girls, all of whom only joined the team in season 2 last week, placed second in the HS chills category. They were incredible role models to the ES and MS swimmers, eagerly supporting them and offering them encouragement and guidance in swimming etiquette.  
Important Dates:
12/6: Band & Choir Concert + MS/HS Art Exhibition @ 7:00pm
12/11: Dead Week-No clubs or athletics. 
12/13: Student Council assembly and Spirit Day!
12/18: Finals Week Begins.

Important Links:
Semester Exams 

Grade 9: 
Elena Feng
Chris Park
Grade 11:
Gerrard Choe
Coline Kim
Grade 10:
Johnny Kil
Minjeong Joo
Grade 12:
Julie Lee
Simon Jeon

No one was able to guess our Dragon's Q&A faculty member last week, Mrs. Kim!
 asked our HS faculty members a few questions and I’ll give you the answer. If you are the first to guess the correct faculty member, you’ll get yourself a donut!!  To submit your guess, reply to the email I send each week but remember to reply to me only.  Do not reply all. 
Can you guess which faculty member gave the answers to the following questions? 
What was one of your favorite songs in high school?
 Where did you dream about traveling to when you were in high school?
Korea, Singapore, Japan.
What did you like to do with your friends in high school?
Eating with my friends or snowboarding!
Do you have any interesting high school fun facts?
A few:  it was in Lebanon, 100 years old, and founded by writ of the Ottoman Empire
How many years have you been a teacher?

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