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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

HS STUCO - Weekly announcements for Jan. 29 - Feb. 2

Hello Dragons! And welcome to the STUCO blog page. 

First things first: Please check out our latest edition of the weekly announcements...

Thanks to everyone who came out for our winter formal! We hope you enjoyed the party.

Last week we were doing some testing with our new announcement format, so we apologize for some miscommunication. 

We will now be having blog posts every Wednesday morning for you guys to look at during advisory time! It will include our video broadcast, the STUCO weekly survey (including music suggestions for TuesdayWednesday, and Thursday mornings), and some important news updates.

This week, STUCO would like to remind you of the following: 

KISJ Film Festival: 
  • On February 8th, KISJ will be having it's second film festival. They will be having a free showing at the HS PAC of films created with the theme "first time" in mind. Please come out to support your fellow students!
Dragons Sports:
  • STUCO would like to send our congratulations to our basketball team members who represented the Dragon's Spirit overseas in Seoul, and on home court! Give them some high-fives guys!
Lunar New Year break:
  • Happy early Lunar New Year break guys! Just a few days away from February 10th, which is when the break will start. Eat plenty of tteok-guk, see some family, and we hope you have a restful break!
  • The STUCO assembly will be held after the break. 
That's all for this week's announcements! Stay tuned for more news next week! 

Link to STUCO Weekly Survey:

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