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Thursday, January 18, 2018

MUN New York Trip Report

By Mr. Nickolas Harris
Fourteen students represented KISJ at the Columbia University Model United Nations & Exposition, which took place from January 11th to the 14th of 2018.

The conference included over seven hundred students from over fifty schools. The conference was full of diversity with the schools deriving from four continents and over ten different countries.

The students were able to enjoy the city of NY for a few days prior to the conference, which included visits to the Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the United Nations, and watching the Broadway show Wicked.

The students were split into thirteen different committees and had to resolve issues in their own respective groups. The variety of committees were composed of numerous creative groups such as the Soviet Politburo of 1953, the 2008 Obama Campaign, The Hussite revolution of 1419, and council of King Henry IV.

The committees were full of fruitful debate and dialogue and included various unexacting turns, such as the times when Yuji Yamada (Gr.10) plotted the assassination of Joseph Stalin, or when Scott Kim (Gr.9) betrayed Obama to help the Clinton campaign. Some of our delegates met an unfortunate fate, such as Junho Son (Gr.8) and Jess Park (Gr.8) who were executed in the Indonesian Dwikora Cabinet when their treasonous plots were exposed to the committee.

The conference culminated with an awards ceremony, where Je Woo Han (Gr.12) earned the Best Delegate award for his committee, Star Wars: The Clone Wars as his role as Gorga Aampo, the cousin of Jaba the Hut.

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