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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Harvard Alumni Association Award Given to Olivia Moon and KISJ

By Anna J. (G.12)

 Korea International School Jeju (KISJ) student, Olivia Moon (G.11) was the recipient of the “Harvard Book Award" at a ceremony in Seoul on December 2nd, 2017. This award is considered one of the most prestigious academic awards, and is given to the most outstanding high school student in the next-to-graduating class. The Harvard Alumni Association further extended this honor by nominating KISJ as one the best schools.
Award received by KISJ student Olivia Moon.

The Harvard Book Award has been in existence since 1910. Annually, the Harvard Alumni Association chooses 1,900 high schools from all over the world. It then selects the most outstanding students from each of these chosen schools. The criteria for selection may vary by school, but is based upon the Harvard Alumni Association's guidelines for educators and institutions who will "encourage [the] student to respect ideas and their free expression, and to rejoice in discovery and in critical thought; to pursue excellence in a spirit of productive cooperation; and to assume responsibility for the consequences of personal actions” This year, only two schools in Korea were chosen: Korea International School Pangyo and Korea International School Jeju.

As the majority of KISJ teachers and faculty regarded Olivia M. (G.11) as a top-performing student who brightens the school with her exceptional character and academic achievement, she was highly recommended as a worthy candidate for the “Harvard Book Award.”

Olivia’s hard effort both in school and outside of school demonstrates that she truly deserves this award. Throughout her high school years, Olivia has displayed unmistakable excellence in scholarship and high character, combined with achievements in other various fields. Since freshman year, she has received numerous high honor rolls. This year, she was awarded first place for the National History Day Documentary; and in the THAIMUN, she was nominated as the best delegate. Moreover, for many years she has proactively and consistently participated in the Model United Nations (MUN) club. Whilst she works hard for the extra achievements outside of the school, she has also contributed a lot for the improvement of KISJ through her participation in various clubs, such as the NHS (National Honors Society) and the orchestra. 

Award recipient, KISJ student, Olivia Moon.
To recognize her achievement, the award ceremony took place at the Seoul Chosun Hotel on the 2nd of December. The award ceremony was held during the Harvard alumni Christmas party, as this is how the award has traditionally been presented. Olivia was invited to the party and received the red covered book that is titled with “The Harvard Book” as a reward. After the award ceremony, she exchanged greetings with several Harvard alumni, participating in some meaningful conversations. Olivia said that although she felt nervous to be such a formal place with adults, she felt gratitude regarding being selected as the top-performing student. “This award is very meaningful, and I feel thankful for the recognition. To become a student worthy of this, I will not only learn harder but share that learning to others.” said Olivia.

This award is especially meaningful to KISJ since it is the first time a school on Jeju has been selected as the most outstanding school by the Harvard Alumni Association. Min Sun-Sik, the chief executive of YBM Sisa, which is an affiliate of KISJ, also attended the award ceremony and congratulated both Olivia and KISJ on their awards.

About the author
Anna is a grade 12 student at KISJ.  
She is a current Honors Journalism student.
Although it had been only seven years since KISJ was first opened, it is growing at its fastest rate. Hopefully, KISJ can step up once more, taking the award as a toehold for another success. In order to be recognized as the best school by prestigious organization, the school would need to keep developing and encouraging students to enhance. However, there is no doubt that KISJ has sufficient potential to foster outstanding students.

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