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Monday, February 26, 2018

KISJ Hosts The Second Annual TEDx Conference

By Irene J. (G.10)
The TEDx organizing committee. Photo taken by. Sebin C. (G10)

On January 27th, a group of students held a TEDx conference at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) of Korea International School Jeju (KISJ). Led by Kevin K. (G12) and Jasmine K. (G12), the students selected and trained speakers prior to the conference and invited people to attend the compelling speeches of the chosen speakers. The organizing committee successfully gave the students an opportunity to expand their views on their interesting topics.

TEDx is a branch of TED, a platform that features speeches of people from diverse fields that allows independent institutions like KISJ to host their own conferences. KISJ was officially chartered by TEDx last year. Since then, KISJ has worked to enhance the influence of TEDx on their campus for two consecutive years.

In this year’s event, the selected audience members entered the venue as early as 30 minutes before the conference and awaited the speeches of the student speakers. When the clock struck 9:30AM, Grace K. (G10) and Mingyu Y. (G11) came up to the stage and officially introduced the beginning of 2018 TEDx Conference. Then, Mr. Corton, who supervised the organizing committee, delivered his introductory speech, stating that “the dedication and the vision of the board” made this event possible and that he felt proud of the whole event. 

Following his speech was a series of seven student speakers. The first speaker was Scott K., a freshman at KISJ. He delivered a speech titled “Modern Answers to the Most Ancient Questions” and explored the four main theories about the creation of the life on Earth. Panspermia, one of the theories he presented, grabbed the audience’s attention with its unique approach of attributing the cause of life to the diffusion of alien seeds. Scott later remarked, “I felt so excited to talk about the topic that interests me” and that “being a speaker was such a meaningful experience.” 

Scott was followed by Dennis K., who is currently a senior at KISJ. He talked about how social media makes us susceptible to a variety of unreasonable stereotypes. After that, Iris K., the only middle school speaker from Sinseong Girls Middle School (SGM), shared her experience as a “typical Korean teenager” and how she learned to be happy despite the enormous pressure put on her shoulders. Pete K., a junior at KISJ, marked the final speech of the first session. He described himself as an introvert and talked about the benefits of his own personality, thereby encouraging others who are similar with him.

After the 10 minutes of intermission, Jason P. (Y11) from North London Collegiate School Jeju (NLCSJ) presented a speech about the skills—including perseverance, which Jason emphasized—that made Michael Phelps the greatest swimmer in the world. Next, Joe C., a junior at KISJ, talked about how jazz stimulated his creativity. Last but not least, Bee K., a freshman at KISJ, claimed that no one can be purely altruistic and that it’s okay to think of oneself first. Once all the speeches were over, Grace and Mingyu took the stage and thanked the audience members on behalf of the TEDx Organizing Committee.

In overall, the conference was successful since both the speakers and the audience members benefited from the event. Jason P. stated, “being able to deliver a speech to a large group of audience was very rewarding.” Avery K. (G10), who attended the event as an audience member, excitedly remarked, “listening to various speeches was very fun!”
About the author
Irene J. is a grade 10 student at KISJ.  
She is a current Journalism student.

While 2018 TEDx inspired many audience members, it was a gratifying experience to the student-curators as well. Veronica Y. (G11), who served in the Sponsor Management team, stated, “I learned helpful skills such as teamwork and business manners that I couldn’t learn from any other extracurricular activities.”


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