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Thursday, February 1, 2018

KIS­J Tennis Match with BHA

Published on October 16, 2015, by Su Yeon C. (Lisa) 

On October 8th, 2015, the KIS­J high school tennis team played matches against Branksome Hall Asia. It was the first tournament of the season, and many of the tennis players from KIS­J were quite nervous about it. 
Photo by Steve L., edited by Su Yeon C. (Lisa)

Even though not all of the players on the team played in this tournament, the whole team walked to Branksome Hall together to support and encourage each other. Although the matches were between the girls only, the KIS Jeju boys came to watch and support the KIS girls’ team. 
There were a total of four double­s matches and unfortunately, the KISJ girls did not do as well as they expected. However, ­the Remi and Halin­ combination won one of these matches with a score of 6­-1.

Anna J., a 10th grade student at KIS Jeju, who both watched and played in the tournament said, “regardless of the results, it was a great experience.” The members of the team all agreed that even though they lost three matches, the competition helped them improve their skills and unite the team.
About the author

Su Yeon C. (Lisa) is a grade 10 student at KISJ. 
Her favorite subject is graphic design.

Amy L., another 10th grader who was in attendance stated, “it was a great chance to check our skills and know what we have to work on to play better next time.” 

The tennis team is looking forward to another match against North London Collegiate School on October 16th, and have been doing their best during practice for it. Many of the tennis players are excited for this upcoming event because they know they can continue to improve.

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