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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Math Trip to Shanghai

Published on March 11, 2016, by Su Yeon C. (Lisa) 

On March 6th, 2016, the first group of participants of the High School Team Math Competition, hosted by Dulwich International High School in China, successfully returned to Korea International School Jeju and shared their experience with Mu Alpha Theta, the math honors society at KISJ.
Photo by Su Yeon C. (Lisa)

Students 15 years or older were eligible to compete, and there were 12 places open to KISJ students. MAT had to go through the selection process of students who showed interest in this competition, based on students’ grade and math ability.

“I learned some basics of infinity, and some new and innovative way of viewing numbers via conversation with Chinese friends,” says Jack M. The students who participated in the competition had some opportunities to get along with other international participants and talk about math.

“The best part of the trip was the fact that I could hang out with my friends–in China. It was a precious experience since we might not have had this chance in Korea; it was different from the service learning trip as well. I love the part of the trip that I could make good memory with my friends,” Raymond K. says.

Caitlin K. also revealed her positive feelings towards this Team Math Competition by saying “Although it was challenging, I enjoyed interacting and finding solutions with my teammates. I learned how to cooperate and communicate with others for problems. It was interesting to see how each member approached a question in different ways for a final solution.”

Even though many of the KISJ students were new to math competition, some ended up getting awards. Rather than focusing on prizes, KISJ students went beyond and focused on learning. “It was a great opportunity for learning that there are many students who exceed us, rather than aiming for awards,” Raymond K. states.

“I need to study harder. I was nothing,” Jacob H. says. KISJ students also had to face some challenges in the competition, like accepting that there are so many people who can do things better than they assumed. This opportunity truly opened the students’ eyes to the wider world. “There [is] always someone who is better than me. I believed in myself that I would at least be an average. However, it turned out to be that there are numerous students who are born for math,” Raymond K. says.

Overall, the participants enjoyed the competition, and they had a chance to check where they are by comparing themselves with other international students. They were all stimulated to study harder, and they strongly suggested the current 9th grade MAT members, who did not have an opportunity to participate because of the limits on age, to apply for next year’s High School Team Math Competition.
About the author
Su Yeon C. (Lisa) is a grade 10 student at KISJ.  
Her favorite subject is Graphic Design.

The first trip to the High School Team Math Competition in Shanghai was successful, and more and more KISJ students are willing to participate in next year’s competition. Is there going to be a second group of participants to High School Team Math Competition next year?

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