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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Winter Is Finally Here!

By Sophia S. (G.12) 

On the first week of December, KISJ (Korea International School of Jeju) students from both Middle School and High School took part in one of the most special events in winter - the Winter Concerts and Art Exhibitions. The event was held on Wednesday, December 6th, from 6:45PM to 8:15PM in the HS Mini PAC (Performing Arts Center) located on the 4th floor and PAC in the 3rd floor. Many students, teachers, staffs and parents came to enjoy and observe the wonderful artworks from both middle and high school students, and listen to the sensational music from HS Choir and HS Band.
Photo taken by Sarah L., G12
All spectators were welcomed to first view the MS Art Exhibition on the hall leading to the Mini PAC, where the HS Choir students were ready to perform their seasonal music along with their beautiful sounding voices. The middle school students’ artworks were very creative, full of colours, and displayed a great visual to start off the night. The students from Choir had also worked extremely hard to perfect their songs for the concert in a very short amount of time. They performed a total of 5 songs: Gaudeamus Hodie, Amanti Costanti, Nutcracker Jingle, Mary Did You Know, and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. The songs were a mix of Italian, acapella and joyous Christmas songs. Additionally, there were student played piano accompaniments by Julie L. from grade 12, and Eric K. from grade 11. Few comments from those who came to watch the performance were that ““This concert made me reminisce about last year’s memories of singing in front of people. I really liked it and I think this year’s performance was better than last year’s Christmas concert.” said a grade 12 student. Dayeon Y., who was a former Choir student in the past.

Photo taken by Taehawn J., G12
As a Choir performer myself, it was nerve-wracking to perform in front of an audience, compared to how easy it seemed during practices and class periods. Kevin K., a current senior quotes, “I felt a lot of tension singing in front of many people since they were all staring at us. But I had a lot of confidence, so I think I performed well enough.” However, another student Kyle J., (G12) from the audience complimented the overall Choir and the concert as he mentioned, “I thought it was a great medley of songs for Christmas. I especially liked Nutcracker Jingles because it was pleasant to my ears. I felt unfortunate for the people who could not come and watch the performance because it was such a remarkable experience watching my peers sing in harmony.”

Following the Choir concert, the HS Band performed several pieces in the PAC. The compositions performed in order: Insurrection, Ars Nova Suite, Hallelujah Chorus, Sonata from Bankelsangerlieder, Jammin’ With Charlie, Highlights from FROZEN, A Christmas Serenade and We Wish You A Merry Christmas (joined by Choir). The band performance had a variety of peaceful compositions to loud and lively pieces. “We have played variety of music genres from classics to jazz, and it was a new challenge for me. I've learned a lot and really enjoyed performing to the audience!” claimed Caroline R. (G10). Another student from grade 11, David K., stated "I felt great performing in front of so many different people. It was an honor for me to share my passion to my friends, parents and teachers."
Photo taken by Yoona R., G11
Overall, the MS and HS Winter Concert and Art Exhibition was a success and it was a great opportunity for the KISJ community to relax and appreciate the upcoming Christmas vibe. We look forward to future concerts from the many brilliant musicians and amazing artworks produced by the talented students.
About the author
Sophia is a grade 12 student at KISJ.  
She is a current Honors Journalism student.

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