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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dragon Descant 16 April 2018

Are you ready to rock the AP exams?!

An AP pre-registration session is necessary to bubble in tedious demographic information before the day of your first AP exam. This year we will hold a session for each grade level, and these sessions will take place in the Makerspace on the following dates during advisory time, starting promptly at 8:20AM:
G12 Tuesday, April 17th (62 students)
  • The 5 students NOT doing AP pre-registration need to report to H415 (Lo) for a study hall.
G11 Wednesday, April 18th (54 students)
  • The 27 students NOT doing AP pre-registration need to report to either H320 (Woods) or H302 (Kelley) for a study hall. (Please note that this includes the three G11 students who are taking AP Art 2-D as their ONLY AP class)
G10 Thursday, April 19th (31 students)
  • The 53 students NOT doing AP pre-registration need to stay in their advisories with their advisors, while the 31 AP students need to proceed directly to the miniPAC by 8:20 AM.
ALL AP students: Please be reminded of the following:
-Bring your home address (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)
-Know your phone number
-Know the exact name that appears on your passport
Thank you!

and...From the Dorms
Dear Day Students,
We recognize on occasion that you will be on campus to participate in activities after the end of the official school day. What we ask of you is that when you are on campus, that you are being supervised by an authorized faculty/staff member, and that when the activity is over, you exit the campus.
If you are on campus to study with a dorm student after the end of the school day, you must check in with the dorm office or a dean first. They will take your name down and issue a badge, which you will return when you leave campus.

Plus...an update from our very own Red Cross Youth club service this weekend. 
This week’s volunteering activity was successful ๐Ÿ˜Š The local students were very energetic and we were equally excited to play with them as well. I’m extremely glad that this program is getting popular among the parents in Daejung area and would like to thank everyone for their support. Hence, I’m more than grateful that our club members are eager to donate their talents and passion with these children full of dreams.
Shout out to 2 Justins, Philip, Andy, Minwoo and Tony for their hard work today ‼️ 
๐Ÿ“†  Important Dates:
4/2 - Q4: Half day
4/18 - HS Orchestra Concert
4/19-20 - Theatre production: Urinetown
5/3: Band and Choir Concert
5/7 - AP Exams Begin

๐Ÿ”—  Important Links:
Club Fundraising Rules 

Grade 9: 
Serena Jeon
Michelle Han
Grade 11:
Amy Kwon
Ewan Chang
Grade 10:
Yeongseo Lee
Joseph Seong
Grade 12:
Sophia Shin
Daniel Choi

Can you guess which faculty member gave the answers to the following questions? DRAGONS Q&A

Unfortunately, no one was able to guess our DRAGONS Q&A faculty member for last week, Mr. Watter!

We asked our HS faculty members a few questions and I’ll give you the answer. If you are the first to guess the correct faculty member, you’ll get yourself a donut!!  To submit your guess, reply to the email I send each week but remember to reply to me only.  Do not reply all. 
What was one of your favorite songs in high school? 
Where did you dream about traveling to when you were in high school?
Colombia What did you like to do with your friends in high school?
Drive to the mall and eat poutine.
Do you have any interesting high school fun facts?
I was on the curling team and we won the championship! How many years have you been a teacher?
5 years.

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