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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

HS STUCO Weekly Announcements - April 4, 2018

Hey Dragons! HS STUCO is back with Morning Announcements 2.0, Dragons TV. We are set up in a freshly painted set, and will be able to bring you even more exciting news with an updated format. 

Here you will find news about recent school events, sport's match results, and other announcements from teachers or STUCO. 

With our new features, we have included Merritt Brenneman's (Previous STUCO Alumni) idea of the KISJ Lunch Forecast. In which we highlight some of this week's best lunch menus! 

Check out this week's video >HERE< 

We look to expand our content further, potentially doing interviews, special features, and more through your suggestions and ideas. Please leave some thoughtful comments or feedback in our weekly STUCO survey.

Speaking of the survey, you can find this week's survey right >HERE< 

Students, if you want anything to be announced for your club, please tell your sponsor (teacher) to update our information document so that we can add it into our weekly videos (they will know what you mean). 

Teachers, please help announce important things by updating the document with anything and everything you need announced. 

Thank you Dragons, hope you enjoy the announcements! 

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