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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dragon Descant 21 May 2018

Happy post AP exam and graduation week to you!

Schedule This Week:
Many of your teachers will be accompanying their students on trips during the week of May 21-25. With this in mind, please review the schedule found here to see where your class(es) will be held this week if your teacher(s) will be gone.

Sometimes, we need to make a change in our lives when things just aren't quite right.  Well, the Course Change Request forms are here to assist you.  However, there are a couple things you must remember about these forms and requesting a course change.
  1. As the name suggests, filling out this form is a request only. It does not mean you will get the classes you wish to have.
  2. You may request to have a maximum of two courses removed.
  3. You may request a maximum of two courses currently not on your schedule. 
  4. You may only fill out the form one time.
  5. This form will close Wednesday, May 23rd, at 9pm.
  6. Counselors will let you know the result of your request.
That's it! However,  do not set up appointments to speak with your counselor about your schedule. If your counselor needs to see you, they will call you. If they are able honor your request, they will not need to see you.

Course Change Request Forms:

Finals are coming. Check the info below for finals week schedule, academic integrity and dress code for the week:
Academic Honesty:  All students must review the HS Academic Integrity policy before taking their HS semester exams.

Dress for exam days:  Students may wear the relaxed uniform on all week,  (June 4-8).  Relaxed uniform consists of dark pants or jeans and KIS shirt.  No shorts of any kind, sweat pants, athletic pants, pajamas, or non-uniform skirts are allowed.  Please keep heavy/bulky coats out of the testing area. Rubber-bottomed shoes are preferred for the gym.  Failure to dress accordingly may result in missing an exam.

Procedures on the day of the exams: All students must report to the cafeteria at least 15 minutes before the exam.  Please sit with your class period for that specific exam.  You will be called into the hallway by grade and will enter into the gym by class period.  You must stay in the gym in your seat for the duration of the exam. [PLEASE NOTE: As you enter the gym, you will be dropping off your textbook for that class at the table]

Finally, day students are not permitted in the dorms during exam week, June 3-8. 

We will have some new rules (again) about clubs coming out soon. Stay tuned! Also, we will stop all fundraising until the beginning of next year unless I have already approved yours. Please read the club fundraising rules linked below for information about club funds at the end of the year.

📆  Important Dates:
5/26 - Graduation!
5/28 - Dead Week (until summer vacation:-)
6/4 - Finals week

🔗  Important Links:
Club Fundraising Rules 

Grade 9: 
Kevin  (Hanwen) Liu
Annie Kang
Grade 11:
Steve Lee
Christina Kim
Grade 10:
Sung Kim
DoYeon Kim
Grade 12:
Lisa Cho
Dennis Kim

Can you guess which faculty member gave the answers to the following questions? DRAGONS Q&A

Congratulations to Flora Lee was able to guess our DRAGONS Q&A faculty member for last week, Mr. Shullist!

We asked our HS faculty members a few questions and I’ll give you the answer. If you are the first to guess the correct faculty member, you’ll get yourself a donut!!  To submit your guess, reply to the email I send each week but remember to reply to me only.  Do not reply all. 
What was one of your favorite songs in high school? 
 Where did you dream about traveling to when you were in high school?
New York City.
What did you like to do with your friends in high school?
Go to music festivals.
Do you have any interesting high school fun facts?
Senior class trip was to Lincoln Nebraska State Penitentiary and saw the electric chair-no kidding!  Fun fact???!!!
How many years have you been in education?
43 years!!!😲😲😲😲😲

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