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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Interviewing the Urinetown cast members

By Julie P (G10)
Students practicing one of the Urinetown songs, Look at the Sky in HS PAC.

The musical season is back! KISJ theater is performing another wonderful musical Urinetown on April 19th and 20th in the HS PAC from 7 to 9 PM. Continuing on from last year’s hugely successful musical, Spelling Bee, this year's musical promises to be a “dirtier” and “sassier” piece.  Some of the Urinetown cast members took time out from rehearsal to speak about the show.

Q. Celine L., as a female lead character, What do you think is special about Urinetown?

“This musical requires a lot of work and effort. Plus, it has a lot of dark humor in it. It also has a unique storyline because it is based on the author’s real story where he had to hold his pee, so these points really stand out. There is a very good reason for this show to be famous although it seems like this show is sometimes underrated. I hope many people can understand the theatrical humor of this show.” 
Celine L. as Hope Cladwell.

Celine L. (G.10)will be playing one of the female lead characters, Hope Cladwell in Urinetown. She has musical experience from her previous school, and is excited for the upcoming show. Celine always brings bright energy and enthusiasm into each rehearsal. With her perfect vocals and smooth acting, she is truly an astounding character in this chaotic but beautiful show. So, the next question could really not be avoided ...

Q. This might be a hard question but what is your personal favorite song in the show?

Follow your heart. Because it has a meaning to follow my heart and I think it is important to listen to my heart 'cause you know, you know yourself what's best and you are the one that will guide yourself through everything.”
Je Woo H. and Doomin J. as the Urinetown law enforcement.
Without much hesitation, Celine replied that her favorite song was Follow your heart. But how about catchy lines? There are numerous catchy and repetitive lines and that are simply comical and shocking, often times so memorable that a few phrases will get caught in the heads of actors and actresses. For this question, I asked Spencer K. (G.9), who is playing a role of Doctor Billeaux. This is his and first time participating in a musical.

Q. What are your favorite lines in this show?

“I think ‘Don’t kid yourself, Fipp. Your hands are as filthy as a child’s after sandbox time’. This line is really funny because well first, Oscar H. (G.12) says it so it is funny (this line is Oscar’s line and the way he acts out this line is comical) and, two, the fact that he is comparing someone (Fipp) who actually is a police officer [in the play] to a child just cracks me up.”

But as Celine has pointed out, Urinetown is not only about rude jokes and comical presentation.

Sophia K. (G.12) who has been part of KISJ theater for four years commented on the elements that differentiate this show from the rest?
Sophia L. belting out a tune.

“This show has deeper meanings but is so silly at the same time in the way it has metaphors of dark reality of our society and people but with professional and very well written songs. The songs are simply so catchy.”

Simon J. (G12) also replied to the question when I asked about the potential message the author is trying to tell the audience from this show.

[Spoiler Alert] "At the ending of the show, despite the fact that the “good guys” win their revolution, the world starts to crumble because of a lack of water. Also, there is a line that states “too much freedom is not good”. I think this is the message the author is trying to tell the audience from this show.”

From revolutionary marching songs to teary and emotional songs, we hope many can come and watch this year’s truly amazing musical which is a collaboration of an extraordinary band, passionate actors and actresses and all the hard work from stage hands working behind the scenes. And a final question,

Q. Is there anything you want the audience to focus on while watching the show?
“ Do not miss a single thing (Joshua. P)”

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  1. It was a wonderful show and it's great you've paid tribute to the performers and organizers with this great article, Julie.