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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Dragon Descant 4 June 2018

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Grande Finalé Descant! 
It is time to close out the 2017-2018 school year.  
But first, final exams.

Here is our final exam schedule for this week. Also, you'll notice a small change in what clothes are allowed during finals. We will allow track pants (but still no shorts or non-uniform skirts). If you have an exam, be in the cafeteria at least 15 minutes before it begins.

Academic Honesty:  All students must review the HS Academic Integrity Policy before taking their HS semester exams.

Dress for exam days:  Students may wear the relaxed uniform on all week,  (June 4-8).  Relaxed uniform consists of dark pants or jeans and KIS shirt.  No shorts, sweatpants, pajamas, or non-uniform skirts are allowed (track pants are ok:-).  Please keep heavy/bulky coats out of the testing area. Rubber-bottomed shoes are preferred for the gym.  Failure to dress accordingly may result in missing an exam.

Procedures on the day of the exams: All students must report to the cafeteria at least 15 minutes before the exam.  Please sit with your class period for that specific exam.  You will be called into the hallway by grade and will enter into the gym by class period.  You must stay in the gym in your seat for the duration of the exam. [PLEASE NOTE: As you enter the gym, you will be dropping off your textbook for that class at the table]

Day students are not permitted in the dorms during exam week, June 3-8.

Please do not go through the ES playground or use spiral staircase to the ES / HS bridge to come to school.  This space is not for us to use.

Clubs for 2018-2019 are changing.  There are several new rules please read over this slideshow to understand how clubs will operate next year. Some highlights are:
  • Clubs will be run in English only.
  • Chartered clubs will have a PowerSchool roster. 
  • Non-chartered clubs will have a roster kept by the sponsor.
  • 15 member minimum to start the club. 
I recommend that you take a look at the policy changes for next year.  There are many important changes coming to our high school so read carefully! The major policy changes for next year include:
  • English use policy
  • Grading and assessing
  • Low level discipline (LLD)
  • Academic integrity
Summer Assignments are here!  Take a look below at the links for all of your teacher's assignments.

Grade 9: 
Bee Kim
Sunny Kim
Grade 11:
Joe Jin
Aiden Seo
Grade 10:
Kelly Cho
Minjeong Joo
Grade 12:

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