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Friday, October 5, 2018

Dragon Descant, 8 October 2018

Typhoon Kong-Rey

Soooooo, I am posting the Descant just a wee bit earlier than usual, just in case my power or internet fail me over the weekend. After all, I know how eagerly all of you wait to read these important missives from my keyboard, and I don't want to disappoint you by missing EVEN ONE WORD of this important information.  😜

Winter is coming
The school is switching to winter uniforms beginning this coming Monday, October 8th. Students who are not wearing a long sleeve KISJ shirt or their tie/bow will receive a uniform violation (LLD).

Learning Styles and Time Management
Q2 will begin on Monday, so this is a great time to do a personal inventory and reflect on what went right during Q1, and what areas need improvement. For instance, as I've talked with some of you this past month, the issue of proper time management has come up. Digital calendars work great for some people, but others find it easier to organize themselves with a physical planner. Consider studying with a friend who has a DIFFERENT style of learning. You might find that the two of you together will pick up on different ideas that were emphasized in your class or homework, and studying jointly may assist you in bringing it all into focus. Ask your teacher if he/she would be okay with you taking written notes rather than digital ones. A style that works for me is called "mind-mapping" and you might want to run that through Google to find more information about how this is done.

Memo from Mr. Leonard to all students in Band, Choir, & Orchestra 🎵🎵🎵
MANDATORY ATTENDANCE required during academic support time on the following dates:
Tuesday, Oct. 9, All Band Members will meet in HS PAC. All String classes will meet in H417.
Thursday, Oct. 11, All String classes will meet in HS PAC
Tuesday, Oct 16. All String classes AND All Band Members will meet in HS PAC
Choir members will meet in the 3rd Floor HS PAC Foyer on all three days.
Students please note: All rehearsals above are MANDATORY ATTENDANCE.

No Clubs on Wednesday (10/10)🔇
Teachers need to attend an important meeting on Wednesday during club time. Therefore, all clubs that normally meet on Wednesdays (including Language Support) will not meet on October 10th. We apologize for this inconvenience.

SAT Make-up Information  ✍
As you know, due to Typhoon Kong-Rey, KISJ had to cancel the SAT for 10/6. We have been in contact with the College Board, and are working on the possibility of being able to offer the SAT make-up the Saturday of Family Weekend, 10/20. There are many details that must be resolved before we can commit to this happening, but please be assured that we are doing our utmost best to accomplish this. We hope to update you again early next week, and to provide you with more information at that time. Thank you for your patience.

Library Reminder 📚
Ms. Cave wishes to remind students that no food is to be consumed in the library. She has found evidence of wrappers and cookie pieces under the desks of food being consumed during lunch time-NOT COOL (unless you're a mouse!). Please consume your snacks on the first floor in the spaces provided. Thank you!

Congratulations to our DRAGONStars!

Grade 9: 
Haley Chung
Jeff Ryu

Grade 11
Do Yeon Kim
Johnny Kil
Grade 10:
Sam Cho
Elena Feng
Grade 12:
Roslyn Lee
Alex Chang

And lastly. . .

🌀☔☁Stay safe and dry, and we'll see you on Monday,  a "C" day!

Dr. B

📆 Important Dates:

10/8 - Q2 Begins
10/10 - PSAT for G9 & G10
10/17 - STUCO Assembly
10/18-20 - Family Weekend (Possible SAT make-up for 10/6 cancelled SAT)
10/21-28 - Fall Break
11/3 - SAT @KISJ
11/10 - Make-up day for inclement weather

🔗 Important Links:

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