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Monday, October 8, 2018

Grade 6 Curriculum Updates - Quarter 1, 2018


In Quarter 1, Grade 6 English students are focused on studying the characters and themes in fiction books that they are reading independently.  Students will be assessed through a four-question written assessment, in which students read and respond to a short story, supporting their answers with evidence.  At home, parents can support this learning by encouraging students to read books that they are enthusiastically interested in. ELL teachers are busy working individually with students to find student reading levels and learning a new accelerated reading program, Leveled Literacy Intervention, that will push students to reach their potential as readers.


In Quarter 1, we will focus on inquiry-based math skills and practical applications of mathematics.  We will also focus on the curricular units of ratios, proportions, percents and the number system. Assessments will include a video diary, a traditional summative, and a inquiry-based project.  Parents can support students by asking them about the activities they are doing in math and by providing a quiet place to complete maths practice.


Social Studies

Quarter 1 in social studies will focus on early humans and their adaption from a hunter-gatherer society to one of domestication and agriculture. Students will be studying Ancient Mesopotamia and will be assessed with close paragraph vocabulary quizzes and a short answer summative, which will focus on the standards of geography, culture, and achievements. At home, students are encouraged to study their vocabulary daily for 10 minutes.


In Quarter 1 in science, we will focus on science skills such as using common science tools and reading measurements. We will also focus on: matter and energy, following the engineer design process, and using evidence to explain reasoning. Assessments will include quizzes, reflective videos, and a test. At home, parents are encouraged to ask their child for a summary of what they learned and to remind their child to practice vocabulary.


In Quarter 1, Grade 6 Health and Physical Education has focused on Team Building, and the aspects of being a good teammate. Continuing with the rest of the quarter, students will focus on the Community Sport of volleyball. Students will also reflect on the importance of exercise for both personal health and optimized brain function, and have an opportunity to work on their fitness through regular exercise in PE class. Daily physical activity is important and should to be practiced outside of school on days students do not have PE class.

6th Grade Tech

In Quarter 1 life and technology, students identified traits of a Technology Responsible Use Policy and completed research on how to be safe when using the internet. Students used this knowledge to create a song with the purpose of teaching others about these topics. For the remainder of the quarter, students will be completing a unit where they are using the tools of Google Suite to create, manage and publicize a business of their creation. For all projects, students will be assessed using the ISTE technology standards. At home, parents are encouraged to ask questions about projects using the Google Classroom as a communication tool.

Art 6

In Quarter 1 students begin exploring the application of design elements with a focus on line, shape, space and value. Our first project of the quarter works with line and shape. Students were asked to think metaphorically about an animal they share qualities with -  for example, a lion is considered strong and brave. After a series of formative assessments, students then use their knowledge of line, shape and pattern to create contour drawings of their chosen animal and fill the inside with shapes and patterns. Our second project of the quarter will focus on space and value while students work with one and two point perspective drawings using legos, rubik cubes and more. This project has a strong emphasis on math and problem solving. Students will be assessed on the National Core Art standards through reflection and submitted work. Parents can support their students by talking with them about what they are making in art class, asking how and why they came up with their project ideas and what have they learned about themselves through the process of art making.

Drama 6

In Quarter 1, Drama 6 students have been learning key vocabulary terms for understanding how to move on stage, and how the audience should behave while watching live performances. This work will culminate in a Theatre Etiquette PSA which will be used to advise students across divisions how to be an enthusiastic member of the audience. For the remainder of Q1, students will begin to learn about creating simple drama compositions to express personal feelings and develop the base skills of performance. The goal being to improve students’ confidence in presenting themselves. Parents can support the work we’re doing by simply asking students what they’re doing in drama, and showing interest in the work happening in class to make students more self confident.

D6 students playing with making linear and curved physical shapes.

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