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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Dragon Descant, 19 November 2018

Photo courtesy of Mr. Harris

It looks like most students had a full weekend between the KISAC volleyball action and the JejuMUN taking place in the GEC. I hope you also had a chance to rest and relax, as we have another action-charged week ahead of us.


International Service Learning and Leading trips enrollment is in full swing! This year the following international opportunities are being offered to High School DRAGONS:

Grade 9: Nepal (Trip Leader: Mr. Scott Patterson)

Grade 9: Laos (Trip Leader: Mr. Mike Palmer)

This week advisory groups will continue to explore specific student questions about trip goals, outcomes, and registration. If upon reviewing these details you or your parent still has curiosities or doubts, please bring these ideas to your advisor, to the specific trip leader, and/or to kwilke@kis.ac so that we can help you make the best decision to fit your personal needs, preferences, and objectives for engagement with service learning and leading.

Please remember that enrollment for International Trips closes on Friday, November 23.

Students who do not participate in their grade level international trip opportunity will undertake Service Learning and Leading projects which will engage with local community partnerships on Jeju. These experiences are in the early stages of planning, with details on the way!

If you have feedback you'd like to share about previous service experiences on Jeju--or fresh ideas about local partnerships or opportunities we should explore--please see this form to contribute to a stimulating discussion about how to ensure that local service learning and leading experiences are meaningful for our community this year.

Co-curricular Clubs

Thanks to all club members and officers that have remained in close communication about planning and implementation of activities, which were outlined here by Mr. Wilkins at the beginning of the academic year. With that said, it's come to our attention that some clubs have not been following protocols for accurate record keeping, sponsor interaction, active attendance and member participation, fundraising, etc.

To collect more information about club status, we'd like to ask that all club officers, sponsors, and interested members see this form in order to provide insight into club activity throughout the Fall semester. All clubs that are interested to continue activities throughout the Spring semester should please provide feedback on club status by no later than Friday, November 30th.

Additionally, we're compiling the first (ever) Co-Curricular Club Newsletter to showcase the talent and effort of our students, which clearly extends beyond the walls of our classrooms and into the greater community through our club program. If you and your club co-conspirators would like to show off the strides you've made toward fulfilling your mission and vision this semester, please indicate interest when prompted on the above club check-in form.

Lastly, please stay tuned for the December STUCO assembly, at which Taemi the Truth-teller and Michele the Myth-slayer will clear up specific misconceptions about club processes. If before that time you find that you or your members have a pressing curiosity or doubt about club proceedings, please feel free to reach out kwilke@kis.ac so that Ms. Wilke can support your understanding.

Almost, Maine 

The high school production of Almost, Maine, is lurking around the corner! Get ready for this special production on Thursday and Friday, November 22-23, with the show starting at 7 PM. Your friends and teachers have been working around the clock to bring you something special! Tickets are 5000 won each, and will be on sale early this week.

Reminder: New Bathroom Rules 

Starting last Monday, the following restrooms are now set aside for faculty and staff use only:
1st floor: by the Business Office (already faculty only)
2nd floor: by the PE Office / Dance Room / Next to HR
3rd floor: by the Fitness Room / Golf Room
4th floor: by the main stairwell (in front of the elevator)

Students may use all bathrooms EXCEPT for the ones listed above. Proper signs will be posted within a week to ten days, but the new use rules are in effect now.

Bus and Tardies

There are some students who are habitually arriving at school late, and blaming it on their transportation provider. Please be aware that "the bus was late" excuse works only if you are riding the official KISJ school bus, and it was, in fact, late. This does NOT apply to any number of privately chartered buses that run in the GEC. If you are using one of these private bus companies to get to school in the morning, be aware that the responsibility for arriving at school on time rests with you. If the company can't get you to school on time, you will be counted as tardy, which is an LLD. A student in this situation may have the LLD waived for a first offense if he/she produces an excuse on bus company letterhead explaining that it was the bus company's fault that the student was late. A student in this situation is encouraged to consider other possible transportation options if their charter bus is repeatedly late.

Congratulations to our DRAGONStars!  ☆★✰

Grade 9: 
Neo Park
Sylvia Jo
Grade 11:
Inha Hwang
Julie Park
Grade 10:
Shawn Lee
Lee, Seung Hwan (Justin)
Grade 12:
Gerrard Cho
Sue Kim

And lastly. . .

Don't forget that Monday (11/19) will be a "D" day (Periods 8, 7, 6, 5)


Dr. B

📆 Important Dates:

11/22-23 - Theatre Season 1 Show
12/10 - Dead week begins: No clubs, sports, activities
12/17 - Finals: English & Science
12/18 - Finals: Social Studies
12/19 - Finals: Math
12/20 - Student Half Day
12/21 - Student Half Day

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