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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Dragon Descant, 10 December 2018

Kudos to our students and teachers who worked so hard in preparation for the Winter Concerts over the last two weeks!
 The beautiful seasonal music has certainly put us all in the holiday spirit!

Semester exams are rapidly approaching, and this means students will need to be even more vigilant than usual as the semester winds down. Please read all of the information included in this week's Descant thoroughly so you are up-to-date.


Powerschool will be shut down from Dec. 17th to Dec. 21st. This means you will not be able to access your grades or attendance information during this time.

Lost & Found item of the week πŸ”πŸ”ŽπŸ”

Will the owner of these rings please stop by the HS office to claim them? They were found last week in one of the music practice rooms. (Dr. Boyett)

Coat Crisis 2018

Now that it is getting cold outside, here are some reminders for our KISJ students to review. . .

KISJ uniforms are mandated by the school, and the administration appreciates that most students follow the rules and are in the proper uniform each day. You may not realize that a student from our first graduating class actually designed the HS uniform and parents approved it again just this year when we changed vendors.  For some students, there was not a good option for keeping warm in the colder months so we have added an extra indoor jacket, similar to the current baseball jacket, that should arrive soon. Both the current baseball jacket and the new one are permissible. Please note that students may not access their outdoor coats during lunchtime, nor may they put them on to go outside during the school day. If it is too cold outside, then please stay inside at lunch.

We also have ordered ties for both the boys' and girls' uniform. They should arrive early next week and be available for purchase for 5,000 won in the HS admin office. We will let you know when the ties arrive. Please consider purchasing an extra one for Semester 2, as a back-up.

Mandatory uniform check:

Students should be in uniform at all times during the day, including lunch. Again, being in uniform means not wearing or carrying around non-uniform items. 

Each day at the beginning of a preselected period, all teachers will perform a uniform check. If a student is found out of uniform in any way, they will be marked as out of uniform. If a student has an item with them that is not a part of the uniform, they will be marked as out of uniform. If a student is late because they have to put their non-uniform item in their locker, they will be marked as tardy. Non-uniform items include non-KISJ hoodies, sweaters, blankets, coats, light-colored shoes.

PE students should arrive and leave class in uniform for all periods.

All teachers will perform a uniform check everyday except for finals week.

The check will be performed as follows:
  • At the beginning of class, all students will stand. This is important and must be done.
  • Any student not present will be marked tardy.
  • The teacher will check that students are wearing required uniform items as well as not wearing or carrying any non uniform items. Students found doing so will receive a UNI mark in PowerSchool.
  • Non-uniform clothing items should be stored in your locker. (If you didn't sign up for a locker earlier in the year, it is not too late! Please stop by the HS office to be assigned one).

Dragon Tales 

Guess what? The new 'Dragon Tales' website is live. Click on this link to see all the exciting and interesting news that the HS Journalism students have been reporting on.


You will find articles about Almost Maine, SAT, winter coats, tennis, cross-country, and lots of other interesting topics. There is also a photo gallery ... will you find yourself and your friends?

Semester Exam Clarification for Seniors:

1. On Monday following their English exam, and if they have no afternoon exam, seniors may return to the dorms at 10:30 AM, everyone else can follow at 3:00 PM.

2. On Tuesday if seniors don’t have an exam, they still have to come to the PAC for an important senior planning event during the morning exam time, then may return to the dorms.

3. On Wednesday, if seniors don’t have an exam, they can stay in the dorms (or at home, for day students). All others (G9-G11) may return to the dorms/home at lunch.

Open Gym

Tired? Stressed about exams? What better way to relieve stress than physical activity! The PE staff will be holding open gym all week long from 3:30 - 5:00pm. Volleyball, badminton and basketball nets will be set up as well as the rock climbing wall. Hope to see you there!

Low-Level Discipline

We're. Almost. There. Some of you are getting very close to suspension territory! Please keep in mind that you will be recommended for a one-day, out of school suspension when you hit ten. The great news is that your LLDs re-set at the beginning of the new semester in January, so hang in there: You can do it!

Language Support

Thank you to all who have worked diligently this semester on your English language skills through our Language Support class on Wednesday afternoons. Since this coming week is Dead Week, and the following week we have semester exams, Language Support class is now closed for S1. We will reset the roster fresh when we return for S2.

Prom Tickets  

This is SPC.
Starting from Monday, we will begin to sell PROM TICKETS during lunch at the cafeteria.
Tickets are 100,000 won each if you buy them in pairs or 110,000 won each if you buy a single ticket. They must be paid in cash.

Ticket sales end on December 21st so be sure to buy your tickets before then!
Tickets WILL NOT be sold after this date.
Because this is a senior prom, only seniors are allowed to purchase the tickets, even when they have dates or partners in other grade levels or schools. Those in other grades and schools can give money to their senior date to purchase tickets.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the SPC members.
Thank you!!

Congratulations to our DRAGONStars!  ☆★✰

Grade 9: 
Melody Kim
Chris Kim
Grade 11:
Taemi (Grace) Kim
Sang Seob Kim
Grade 10:
Sunny Kim
Kirstie Sim
Grade 12:
Michael Lee
Eury Hong

And lastly. . .

Don't forget that Monday (12/10) will be a "C" day (Periods 4, 3, 2, 1).


Dr. B

πŸ“† Important Dates:
12/10 - Dead week begins: No clubs, sports, activities
12/12 - Final STUCO Assembly of S1
12/17 - Finals: English & Science (full-day)
12/18 - Finals: Social Studies (half-day, unless taking a make-up exam)
12/19 - Finals: Math (half-day, unless taking a make-up exam)
12/20 - Student Half Day
12/21 - Student Half Day

πŸ”— Important Links:

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