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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Dragon Descant, 3 December 2018

Just a few weeks to go!

Fine Arts Invitation for Tuesday

MS & HS Winter Choir and Orchestra Concerts and Art Exhibition. Tuesday, December 4. 7:00 PM - Art Exhibition HS 3rd Floor Foyer. Band Concert in HS PAC.

Bathroom Reminder

Information was posted two weeks ago about changes to access for bathrooms, with some bathrooms dedicated for the exclusive use of students, and others for faculty and staff. At this point all bathrooms are properly labeled to avoid any confusion. Please be mindful of following these rules not just in the HS building, but also if you are in the ES or MS buildings.

Cell Phone Usage

While day students are permitted to bring cell phones to campus, these phones are not to be visible during the school day, which includes the lunch time period. Using a phone between 8:20 AM and 3:35 PM will result in the confiscation of the phone. If you are a day student and have an emergency whereby you need to contact a parent, please stop by the HS office or the Counseling office for assistance.

Semester Exam Clarification for Seniors:

1. On Monday following their English exam, and if they have no afternoon exam, seniors may return to the dorms at 10:30 AM, everyone else can follow at 3:00 PM.

2. On Tuesday if seniors don’t have an exam, they still have to come to the PAC for an important senior planning event during the morning exam time, then may return to the dorms.

3. On Wednesday, if seniors don’t have an exam, they can stay in the dorms. All others (G9-G11) may return at lunch.

Low-Level Discipline

Some of you are getting very close to suspension territory! Please keep in mind that you will be recommended for a one-day, out of school suspension when you hit ten. The great news is that your LLDs re-set at the beginning of the new semester in January, so hang in there: You can make it!

Congratulations to our DRAGONStars!  ☆★✰

Grade 9: 
Kyoeun Na
Justin Lee
Grade 11:
Hwajin Lee
Sung Kim
Grade 10:
Doo Min Kim
Chris Baik
Grade 12:
Flora Lee
Jun Lee

And lastly. . .

Don't forget that Monday (12/3) will be a "B" day (Periods 5, 6, 7, 8)


Dr. B

📆 Important Dates:
12/4 - HS Winter Choir and MS + HS Band Concert and Art Exhibition
12/10 - Dead week begins: No clubs, sports, activities
12/17 - Finals: English & Science (full-day)
12/18 - Finals: Social Studies (half-day, unless taking a make-up exam)
12/19 - Finals: Math (half-day, unless taking a make-up exam)
12/20 - Student Half Day
12/21 - Student Half Day

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