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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Dragon's Descant, 17 December 2018

Semester Exam Schedule

Dec. 17
Dec. 18
Dec. 19
(No bells)
Social Studies
(No bells)
(No bells)
Break/Study Time/Questions
Break/Study Time/Questions
Break/Study Time/Questions
(No bells)
Make up:
Session #1
In classrooms or H315
Make up:
Session #2
In classrooms or H315

Thurs C/ Fri D
Dec. 20
Dec. 21
Period 4
Period 3
Period 2
Period 1

Period 8
Period 7
Period 6
Period 5

Make up:
Session #3
In classrooms or H315

Buses Leave
for airport 12:40

Semester Exam Clarification for Seniors

1. On Monday following their English exam, and if they have no afternoon exam, seniors may return to the dorms at 10:30 AM, everyone else can follow at 3:00 PM.

2. On Tuesday if seniors don’t have an exam, they still have to come to the PAC for an important senior planning event during the morning exam time, then may return to the dorms.

3. On Wednesday, if seniors don’t have an exam, they can stay in the dorms (or at home, for day students). All others (G9-G11) may return to the dorms/home at lunch.

Procedures on the day of the exams

All students must report to the cafeteria at least 15 minutes before the exam. Please sit with your class period for that specific exam. You will be called into the hallway by grade and will enter into the gym by class period without talking. You must stay in the gym in your seat for the duration of the exam. 
*Fish balls (Oden) to be provided by Our Home on Tuesday morning for all students in the cafeteria from 8 am until 8:15. Please enjoy!

Dress Code for this week

Students may wear the relaxed uniform all week, (Dec. 17-21). Relaxed uniform consists of dark pants, sweatpants, or jeans and KIS shirt (club or advisory shirts ok. Advisory hoodies ok, but the hood cannot be worn on the head). No shorts, pajamas, or non-uniform skirts are allowed. Please keep heavy/bulky coats out of the testing area. Rubber-bottomed shoes are preferred for the gym. No blankets allowed.

Prom Tickets

Tickets are 100,000 won each if you buy them in pairs or 110,000 won each if you buy a single ticket. They must be paid in cash.

Ticket sales end on December 21st so be sure to buy your tickets before then!
Tickets WILL NOT be sold after this date.
Because this is a senior prom, only seniors are allowed to purchase the tickets, even when they have dates or partners in other grade levels or schools. Those in other grades and schools can give money to their senior date to purchase tickets.

Please see any member of the Senior Planning Committee if you have any questions.

Congratulations to our DRAGONStars!  ☆★✰

Grade 9: 
Paul Chung
Rosemary Kim
Grade 11:
Brian Kim
Sophia Kim
Grade 10:
Yejin "Kitty" Jun
Jake Kim
Grade 12:
Olivia Moon
Joe Cho

And lastly. . .

Don't forget to get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast, so you will be prepared for your exams.


Dr. B

📆 Important Dates:

12/17 - Finals: English & Science (full-day)
12/18 - Finals: Social Studies (half-day, unless taking a make-up exam)
12/19 - Finals: Math (half-day, unless taking a make-up exam)
12/20 - Student Half Day
12/21 - Student Half Day
1/14 - First day of Q3 (half-day for students)

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