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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Dragon Descant, 21 January 2019

LLD Reminders:

Cell phones: Please remember that the only cell phones which are permitted to be visible at school are those belonging to students in Ms. Dyrek's Digital Photography class, and then only when they are being used to take pictures for her class. Students will be carrying a permission card on their person, and should be able to present it to any teacher who may ask to see it. Otherwise, dorm students should leave their phones back in the dorm, and day students show stow their phones in their lockers or backpacks.

CreateSpace updates:


I'm happy to announce a few more training sessions in the CreateSpace before lunar new year. If you haven't been trained on the laser cutter, 3d printers or CNC mills, this will be your last chance for a few weeks. Please see the CreateSpace website and sign-up form for more details.

Starting after the break, we'll be offering more focused sessions aimed at creating a specific product to those already trained on machines.

Reminders from the Library:

1. Uniforms: Puffy coats are making a comeback. Please be sure to place them in your locker during school hours.

2. ID cards ... you need to bring your ID card to borrow anything from the library. Also, if you borrow something for a friend, remember that you are responsible for them returning the item ON TIME.

3. Overdue library books: Please do not ignore the reminders to return your overdue books. Return these items to the library or see the library staff for an extension if you still need them.

4, Speaking English to all staff: Students must be using the connecting language when speaking to all staff, including the Korean Librarians.

And lastly. . .

Don't forget that Monday (1/21) will be a "B" day (Periods 5, 6, 7, 8).

Hoping you have a productive week,

Dr. B

📆 Important Dates:

1/14 - Start of Q3
1/23 - STUCO Assembly
2/4-8 - Lunar New Year Break
2/15 - Electives/Honors/AP Fair 3:00-4:00 PM on 2nd floor
2/27 - Honors/AP applications are due by 4:00 PM
3/11 - G9 SLL begins
3/13-15 - All students enter schedule requests into PS
3/25 - Start of Q4

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