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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Dragon Descant August 12, 2019 (Week 1)

Welcome Back to Korea International School, Jeju for the 2019-20 school year!

We are very excited to have you at KISJ.  I am inspired by your enthusiasm and optimism as you begin the new semester and am looking forward to an incredible year of learning and growth.  Please look to this blog to find information on what your fellow students are doing at KISJ and to see how you can contribute to our school community.

Welcome New Faculty: We are excited to have additions to our faculty this year, please say hello to the following teachers who are joining us at KISJ.  See their photos and names at the bottom of the newsletter.

Advanced Placement: The College Board is implementing a new registration and exam ordering system for the new school year, which will involve more direct student participation early in  the Fall. This new and more efficient process mandated by the College Board includes registering for the AP College Board resources and online platform through your class teacher, and committing to, registering and paying for the exam by September 27th. 
  • Additionally, any G11 students who are planning ahead to their AP course selections for their G12 year might want to consider sitting for the SAT by December, so we will have on file a recent “AP Potential” report for them. 
  • If you are signed up for an AP course this year, be sure to submit your signed (by parents and student) AP contract to Ms. Lisa Moon in the HS counseling office not later than Wednesday, August 21st.. This will also be the last day for students to drop any AP class for the 2018-19 school year without penalty or notation on the transcript.

MacBook imaging procedures: Prior to device drop-off, students need to complete the following: backup all data on Google Drive and/or external hard drive, change the administrative password to 1111, turn off the machine, and write your name, ID #, and machine password on a post-it before dropping the machine off according to the following schedule.

Monday, August 12 - 9th grade drop off laptops in the morning. 
Tuesday, August 13 - 9th grade pick up and 10th grade drop off laptops in the morning. 
Wednesday, August 14 10th grade pick up and 11th grade drop off laptops in the morning. 
Thursday, August 15 - 11th grade pick up and 12 grade drop off laptops in the morning. 
Friday, August 16 - 12th grade pick up laptops in the morning. 

Important Policy Updates:  There are several policy updates you need to be aware of:

Language Policy: Students using a language other than English during class time, advisory time, or club time (world language classes excluded), will first be verbally cautioned by the teacher observing the violation. A second event will trigger the HS office to send a text message, reminding the parent of our language policy. A third event will trigger a phone call home from the HS Administrative team, and required attendance for at least three consecutive weekly after-school language support classes during club time. Subsequent violations will be counted for the rest of the academic year as Low Level Discipline (LLD) for any student who tests at grade-level for English language skills. 

Late work: Major assessments that a teacher will allow to be revised, corrected, or re-done will receive a maximum score of B- for the reassessed work.  Major assignments, such as projects or essays, that are turned in late will automatically be considered for a maximum grade of B-.
Minor Assignments (1 and 3 point assessments) do not represent the final opportunity for a student to show proficiency of a standard and so do not merit reassessment.  Minor work assigned as homework will be graded according to the following policy:
  • Minor assessment homework turned in by a time designated by the teacher as the due date will receive full credit in terms of the final letter grade (A,B,C).
  • Minor assessment homework turned in after the due date and before the beginning of the next class period will receive a maximum letter grade of C. 
  • Worked turned in after the beginning of the class period following the assignment’s original due date, and before the units final assessment, will receive a grade of F.
  • Work not turned in will receive an NG.
  • Teachers will not accept minor assignments after a unit’s final Major assessment or reassessment (exam, test, project, essay, etc.). 

Absences: HS parents must submit a "parent-excused" form to the HS office at least three days before a planned absence. In the case of an emergency or illness, the parent must submit the form not later than the day of the student's return." 
Parents may not retroactively excuse absences without administrative approval. Administration is aware of some students who attempt to manipulate the system to avoid the low-level discipline consequences for having an unexcused absence. With this in mind, please note that a parent call requesting that an unexcused absence be retroactively re-classified as “parent excused” is discouraged and unlikely to be granted.

Low Level Discipline: Finally, low level discipline (LLD) rules will change for the 2019-2020 school year. Low level discipline consists of class tardiness, sleeping in class, uniform violations, absent (A not PE), eating above the first floor and inappropriate use of technology. The inappropriate use of technology will be marked in PowerSchool as “C” for computer.  LS violations committed by students who have been through the 3-step cycle of Language Support and are testing at grade-level appropriate English language skills will also be counted as an LLD violation. 
  • Teachers mark students in PowerSchool for these items and administrators then produce a weekly report which shows a student’s total LLD marks from each of their classes. 
  • Students and parents will be notified when a student reaches a total of 5 LLD marks in PowerSchool. 
  • Any student reaching 10 LLD marks will receive an automatic one-day out of school suspension. 
  • Subsequent suspensions will occur at intervals of 5 additional LLD marks, as reported by teachers. 

Bike Racks/Vehicle Parking: Please remember that there are a number of bike racks available on campus. If you bring a vehicle to school, it must be parked in one of the racks.  Failure to park appropriately will result in losing privileges to bring your vehicle on campus.


Assemblies will be held on September 4th, October 16th, November 13th. and December 11th in the PAC, starting at 8:20 AM.

HS Co-Curricular Clubs: (HSCC Clupdates)

I'd like to extend a warm welcome back DRAGONS! Thank you to students who have reached out to share excitement and/or curiosities about co-curricular club activities this year.

Firstly, our Club Fair will be scheduled for August 28th, 2019. If you're a student in Grade 10-12 who falls into one of the following categories: 
  1. You're hopeful to continue an official club that has established a legacy @KISJ
  2. You're a student who is interested to establish a new official club at our school 
Please see this form to register your club and enroll in the Club Fair. ALL official clubs (returning and new) must register. 

Secondly, on behalf of the KISJ administration I'm happy to share that several policy changes will be put into effect in order to support club activities to run more smoothly this year. Details regarding changes will be shared shortly, so please stay tuned... 

As always, you're invited to share any curiosities or doubts about HS Co-curricular Clubs with kwilke@kis.ac and Ms. Wilke will be happy to assist you! 

The counselors look forward to meeting with students again this year, supporting your personal, academic, and college/career goals. Please respond to any emails or calendar invitations they send to you! If you ever need help or someone to talk to, stop by their offices on the first floor College Counseling office (by the elevator). You can also send a Hangout or email anytime. 

Grade 9 Counselor - Mr. Echols - techols@kis.ac
Grade 10 Counselor - Ms. Pineiro - vpineiro@kis.ac
Grade 11 & 12 Counselors - Ms. Kunik - pkunik@kis.ac & Mr. Watter - wwatter@kis.ac

For any volunteer service you complete this year, please remember to record it using the links specific to your grade. The links to records service hours are listed below. Students need 40 hours before they can graduate and receive a diploma from our high school. 

📆 Important Dates:

8/12-16 - Macbook imaging (see above)
8/13 - Co-Curricular Activities Assembly: 3:45 pm @ PAC
8/19 - Athletic Tryouts begin
8/21 - Last day to drop an AP course without penalty
8/26 - First Day of Athletics Practice
8/28 - Club Fair After School
8/29 - Mandatory counseling meeting for all G12 students after school
8/30 - Club rosters finalised by today
9/2 - G12 EA/ED Survey is due
9/11 No school for students (Faculty PD)
9/12-15 Chuseok Vacation
9/16 - G12 Checklist deadline for universities with a due date between Oct. 1-15
9/19-20 - HS Adventure Days
10/5 - SAT @ KISJ
10/7 Beginning of Q2
10/16 - PSAT 8/9 Test [G9] AND PSAT/NMSQT [G10]

🔗 Important Links:

Service Hours for Class of 2022 & 2023 - MaiaLearning

Welcome New Faculty:

Left to Right: 
Back Row: Ben Wilkins, Louise Redmon, Kent Ewing, Randall Ball, Ann Shea, John Jones IV, Mary O'Bryon
Front Row: Fei Gao, Cory Borisko, Ben Willis, Carlos Diago, Harout Boyajian

We are excited to have additions to our faculty this year, please say hello to the following teachers who are joining us at KISJ:

Kent Ewing (English)
Randy Ball (English)
Cory Borisko (English)
Harout Boyajian (HOD Arts/Music)
Ben Willis (Social Studies)
Carlos Diago (World Languages: Spanish)
Ann Shea (Science)
Louise Redmon (Math)
Fei Gao (World Languages: Chinese)

John Jones IV (Tech Integrator/AP Comp Science Principles)
Mary O'Bryon (HS Associate Principal)


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